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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

The procedure and recovery

The procedure of implantation of multifocal lenses is very simple and performed on an outpatient basis with the application of local anesthetic eye drops. For the purpose of faster rehabilitation, it is best to replace the lens in both eyes simultaneously. The patient comes to the clinic an hour before the surgery. Drops are instilled to dilate the pupils and eye drop anesthesia is applied. The procedure takes about ten minutes and is completely painless. During the surgery, by applying the aspiration method we remove the patient's natural rigid lens (that lost the function of accommodation) and we replace it with an intraocular lens through a small incision of 2 mm, which is self-healing, without the need for placing a suture.  The intraocular lens is durable and after this procedure the patient can not get a cataract. 

What does the recovery and check-up look like?

Fifteen minutes after the surgery the patient is discharged and should avoid any physical efforts. The visual function is restored extremely quickly and the patient returns to their normal activities within a few days. During recovery it is necessary to instill drops. The check-ups are performed on the first postoperative day, seven days after the surgery and three weeks after the surgery. During this period, there are no restrictions in terms of visual functions. The only recommendation is that the patient refrains from serious physical effort. It is forbidden to wash up the eyes with tap water the first three days, and it is recommended to avoid rubbing the eye, excessive bending and heavy lifting in the first month after the surgery.