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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Presbyopia Correction

After we turn 40, changes in eyesight start occurring. People who previously had no problems with their vision or were shortsighted suddenly become farsighted and "the hands become too short." Many have to, in addition to glasses for reading and working on the computer, also wear glasses for watching TV, driving, the movies, etc. Doing sports, staying on the beach in the summer and skiing in the winter become problematic. 

Patients can cure the so-called presbyopia, i.e. they will no longer need to wear glasses after undergoing the surgery of implantation of the multifocal intraocular lens or the intraocular lens with an extended range of vision (Symfony). When it comes to experience in the implantation of multifocal and intraocular lenses with an extended range of vision (more than 6000), we are among the leading European clinics.  The operation is fast, safe, effective and painless and the patient can continue with their daily activities after 3-5 days.

We approach each patient individually in order to select the intraocular lenses in accordance with the specific needs and lifestyle of each individual (work on the computer, reading, driving a car).