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Nina Žiga, MD

Nina Žiga, MD

  • Ophthalmology Specialist


Nina Mrvoljak graduated at the School of Medicine in Sarajevo in 2014.

Field of work

Doctor Nina Mrvoljak was active as a volunteer in the Red Cross from 2004 to 2008 and in the association "Autism in Bosnia and Herzegovina" in 2014. In 2014, she was working for a short period as an Expert Medical Associate for Nobel Ilac, Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After that she started working at a health center as a Family Medicine Specialist providing Emergency Medical Care. 
In 2015 she completed a study of the ultrasound "Ultrasound Diagnosis of the Abdominal", and "The Study of the Ultrasound for Pediatricians". 

Main publications

  • She is a member of the Commission for Social Protection/ Welfare and Inclusion of the Maglaj Municipality - implementation of the Project "Support to Permanent Solutions of the Revised Strategy for the Implementation of Annex VII of the Dayton Peace Agreement" (2015)
  • A member of the Municipal Operational Team at the Commission for Social Protection and Inclusion of the Maglaj Municipality (2015)
  • A member of the Coordinating Body for the Prevention and Protection of Victims of Violence (2015)
  • A member of the Commission for the Development of a Strategy for Youth of the Maglaj Municipality (2015)