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About Us
Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

Eye Clinic Svjetlost

About us

The center in Sarajevo was modeled by similar centers of medical excellence throughout the world. Our doctors are top specialists with tens of thousands of performed surgeries, approaching each patient individually and seeking the best possible solution.

State of the art technology and simple surgery principle

The center in Sarajevo has two superbly equipped operating rooms which allow treatment of eye diseases that require a surgical procedure -  laser vision correction, ultrasonic cataract surgery, surgical treatment of glaucoma (increased eye pressure) plastic and reconstructive surgery on the eyelids and crosslinking, six clinics, a diagnostic center, a room for preoperative preparation of patients and a room for sterilization.

Other surgical procedures can be done at the Clinic in Zagreb, and these include the surgery in the posterior segment of the eye with diseases caused by diabetes, diseases of the yellow spot or degenerative changes of the retina, a surgical treatment of strabismus  and corneal transplant surgery.

Most of the surgeries on the eye are carried out at the outpatient clinic, and the patients can go home half an hour after the procedure (the so-called one-day surgery). 

Youth education

The University Eye Hospital Svjetlost believes in the education and training of young people and each year employs several new physicians who can specialize in ophthalmology. In addition to having fully covered costs of specialization, the physicians have an option of going to prestigious global conferences and visiting famous ophthalmic centers, where they can acquire new knowledge and always keep track with the latest developments in the profession.