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Svjetlost is the leading ophthalmology clinic in this part of Europe, offering complete ophthalmic services.

„My eyes no longer lie to me“ – Tim Roth

The most famous British actor known worldwide for his impeccable roles in the cult movies, favorite Quentin Tarantino's actor Tim Roth has flown from the set of his new drama series currently filming in Liverpool to Croatia to permanently solve his vision problems. 
Mr. Roth was seen on December 10th at the Regent's Hotel in Zagreb being busy reading on the phone, and the journalists and public at the time did not know how after 40 years he could read text on his mobile without any need of glass usage thanks to the surgery done just a day before at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic. 
Professor Gabrić, PhD and his team have conducted a surgery in which Mr. Roth and his wife Nikki were implanted with the newest multifocal lens with extended focus, Synergy lens, available exclusively at the Svjetlost Eye Clinics. Moreover, Svjetlost was one of the top 3 clinics in the world to implement this revolutionary lens since day one on the market less than half a year ago. 
The couple was seen at the Christmas market in Zagreb having a great time just a few hours after the surgery. 
„For my whole life, I believed how shortsighted my left eye is, moreover, I thought I have less than 30% of visual accuracy... Many ophthalmologists in California and England tried to convince me there is no hope for my eye when after 2 hours at the Svjetlost Eye Clinic for the first time in my life I can see with the left eye. This is simply fascinating. I can perfectly see at every distance with both eyes!“ -Mr. Roth said.
His wife Nikki before the arrival to Croatia was at the ophthalmology practice in Los Angeles when they tried to convince her not to do surgery. After she insisted to know more about Svjetlost and ophthalmologist, surgeon and founder of the Svjetlost Nikica Gabrić, her ophthalmologist a few minutes later applaud adding „I did a research about Gabric and you should go see him!“
This actor is another one in line with the celebrities trusting Svjetlost Eye Clinic to deliver the best eye solutions. It all started with Armand Assante who shared his experience with Franco Nero and Cassandra Gava, Ms. Ivana Trump followed afterward and now it is about Mr. Roth. They have all chosen Svjetlost due to the trust and reputation Professor Gabrić and his team possesses. 
„This is approval of how Svjetlost is a world brand, world-recognized ophthalmology center of excellence. Imagine what it means for us when a name like this one, famous actor living in California, having all resources across the globe, who needs eye surgery decides in favor of Svjetlost. It makes every doctor proud, and today I am the proudest that Tim Roth has chosen Svjetlost Eye Clinic for his wife and himself.“- Professor Gabrić, PhD stated with visible proud for having another celebrity to entrust to his team of experts, most precious possession, eyes. 
Svjetlost Eye Clinic is the leading ophthalmology eye clinic in Europe with 7 centers and over 210 employees. They are recognized by more than 400.000 patients with 135.000 eye surgeries and celebrities from across the globe.